Hannes Helmke

After an apprenticeship as a wood-carver, Hannes Helmke (born 1967) studied four semesters of Interior Design as the result of not finding himself in the traditional classical sculpture. Finally, Helmke went to the Alanus –University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter to become an Art teacher but on his path he found his way back to sculpture. 



Since he ended his studies in Alfter, in 1998, he lives and works in Cologne. Helmke spends the summertime on the island Spiekeroog, in the German coast of the Northern Sea. The nativeness and freedom of the everyday life on the island and being in free Nature are his most important resources of strength and inspiration. All projects emerge in Spiekeroog and become bronze in the atelier in Cologne.


Hannes Helmke - Figur im Schneidersitz - 2016

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Hannes Helmke - Wartender - 2011

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Hannes Helmke - Denker - 2016

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