Micha Baker

Micha Baker (Sao Paulo, 1962) is a Brazilian artist. After about 5 years of lessons in techniques with various artists, he started his education in illustrative design. There he found the sources of inspiration for his current works and quickly made use of the modern possibilities to create his works.

Micha mainly paints figurative art, where women, flowers, horses and often characters belong to his vocabulary. He has been living in the Netherlands for some time and recently he has released a series of polygraphics. Polygraphic is a combination of various modern high-quality printing and printing techniques, in combination with traditional handcraft. The canvas is manually provided with a special structure layer, after which the artwork / design is printed on it according to a special printing technique.

Thanks to the combination of relief and printing technology, the artwork has a special exclusive appearance. Only 75 copies of each work of art are produced, of which no artwork is identical to the other.

Micha Baker - "Lucky Luke"



 100 cm x 100 cm 


edition: 10 exemplares


Micha Baker - "Tim & Struppi I"



100 cm x 120 cm 


Original/ unique piece