Jeff Koons

The American artist uses testimonies of consumer culture as starting points and alienates or imitates them. He thus also worked on objects from the everyday art and the advertising, like the latter again and again to sexual and other key stimuli. His works of art are changing because of their ironic effect between kitsch and art.


Koons is considered to be the most expensive living artist in the world since November 12, 2013 with the auction of a balloon dog (orange) for 58.4 million US dollars at the New York auction house Christie's.

Porcelain chrome coated on plate. Limited Edition of 2.300 copies. 

Jeff Koons' signature fired and hand numbered on the backside.

Size 26,7 x 26,7 cm

Jeff Koons - "Balloon Dog Magenta"



Nr° 1243


Jeff Koons - "Balloon Dog Orange"



Nr° 1608



Jeff Koons - "Balloon Dog Yellow"



Nr° 354