Sigrid von Lintig

Born in 1965 in Duisburg, she lives and works in Aachen


1986 Studied Graphic Design at FH Aachen with Prof . Christiane Maether and Prof. Ulf Hegewald.


1992 Studied Painting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Jan Dibbets and Prof. Konrad Klapheck


1966 Master student with Prof. Jan Dibbets. Travel scholarship from the Düsseldorf KunstAkademie to London, UK


2001 Travel Scholarship, Deutscher Ademischer Austausdienst (DAAD), to New York and Pittsburg, USA.


2006 to 2008 Lecturer at the FH Aachen, FB Product design.


„When emerging from the water, color streaked shapes appear on the waves, volatile light reflections, which show the evenly familiar in a disconcerting new way. That the dissolution from a body, in the reflections of a water surface, can find a correspondence in the beginning of a pictorical abstraction, is shown in the a very persuading way in the new, large scaled, works from Sigrid von Lintig.“   (Christoph Breuer, Berlin)



Pigment and acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 cm